The Dancing Grannies

Who Are We?

The Dancing Grannies are a gang of Black Country elderly ladies who like to get down and boogie wherever they please. When they are not at the bingo or having half a stout in the local pub, you’ll find them entertaining the crowds. The will travel to wherever the Ring & Ride will take them, even Bahrain. Since the demise of Meals on Wheels they need the extra pennies to top up their pension.

High streets, shopping centres, theatres, corporate functions, festivals, concerts and generally anywhere where there is a bus stop not too far away.

You might have seen them on the telly box or in a video posted on twitterbook as they get tons of shares, MILLIONS in fact. They are quite good at drawing attention to themselves due to their Tinder profiles which proved a huge hit with the male population. They also have thousands of stalkers world wide on all social media platforms because they dance THAT GOOD.


Hilda Etheridge was a lingerie and hand model for Grattons Catalogue back in the 1960s so has already experienced a hint of fame. Going to all the top events, making sure she got “papped” at every occasion. She even got paid by a top magazine to go on holiday so they could take pictures of her on Barmouth beach in a two piece. She also had a call from a bloke in America, Hugh Heffer or summat like that, asking if she wanted to be a centrefold in his magazine, but was busy working on her knickers & tights stall on Dudley Market that day.

These days she’s quite happy with the attention she gets from Cyril the bingo caller, a bag of chips on a park bench and re-runs of Prisoner Cell Block H.


Some of us handled the fame well, but poor May Knott, well she just couldn’t cope with all that attention…not after being ignored by her husband for the last 50 years. She practically locked herself away in her bungalow in Bilston and became a recluse, just like the blonde one in Abba. The only time she comes out is to dance, go to the Bingo, do the weekly shop at Aldi, pop to the Bull and Bladder for a pint and join over 30,000 other fans at every Wolverhampton Wanderers home and away games. She just gets recognised everywhere and finds it embarrassing having selfies with all those young men. It’s taken a while, but she’s just had to accept the fact that she’s famous now and there’s nothing she can do about it. She’s slowly coming out of her shell though, she’s even considered taking Stan the gardener’s offer of a night out on the tiles… It’s been a while since her fancy was tickled.


Lettice Sidebottom is irresistible to the opposite sex and always on the lookout for husband number seven after the sudden death of her last love, Frank. She was hoping to find him at Frank’s funeral but refuses to date anyone over the age of 55 as they will have nothing in common. If she had a pound for everytimeshe had been asked out by a famous young man she could start shopping in Waitrose. Lewis Hamilton, Peter Andre and Anthony Cotton, have all tried and failed. Don’t get her wrong, she’s had fun with all of them… she still has needs you know! Just because there’s snow on the roof doesn’t mean the fires gone out,she just needs someone to poke it. So, she now has her eye… on Hugh Jackman.

Hire-A-Granny (or three)

You could hire the lovable Dancing Grannies for a special occasion if you like. They are ideal for Street Entertainment, birthdays, weddings, shop openings, carnivals, festivals, corporate events, trade shows,(they’ve even been asked to do a funeral) you name it, the Grannies have done it! And if you don’t want them to dance they can be hired for Meet & Greet events also.

They can certainly guarantee to spice up your event, always attracting a crowd even if it’s tipping down with rain.


What to expect

Their comedic dance routines have the surprise factor with any audience, totally unexpected. Whether it be a huge event or a smaller affair, a wedding or any celebration, the grannies can absolutely guarantee that the crowds or guests will be enthralled by their outrageous routines. They can turn up as a surprise for your event, launching into a series of routines. Imagine 3 old ladies dancing to high intensity Bhangra, African tunes, Beyonce’s‘Single Ladies’, or Christina’s ‘Candy Man’. They continue to learn new routines to spice up any event, Riverdance, Breakdance, and Cheerleading to name but a few.

Routine slots vary, they can be flexible and open to the clients wishes.


Technical Requirements

  • Dancing Grannies come as a threesome for maximum impact.
  • They need a decent space to dance due to attracting a larger crowd
  • They can bring their own battery powered speaker for open spaces and walkabout events
  • If you require them to use your equipment, as long as they can play an ipod or memory stick that is fine
  • Their music can be quite loud
  • Routines may vary and time slots (this can be discussed by the client and their budget)
  • They offer 1x hour routines, 3 x ½ hour routines with a break in between (again to be discussed with client’s needs)

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